27 February, 2020

The SW Factory


A software factory is an agile and efficient way to develop and maintain the applications of companies. In this scheme OUR team takes a specific requirement by analyzing and documenting, regularly a module or a part of a larger project, makes an estimate of effort, performs the development and unit tests. Making the result the finished software components.

The maintenance or development of an application is made through the use of standardized services. This same level of standardization therefore tends to automate. The processes of estimation, development, testing, authorization and integration become automated using standardized tools, helping to eliminate manual processes. Specialized teams execute each type of service in very low costs and with other success ranges.

  • Offers a considerable reduction in operating costs. It allows the client not to have permanently assigned resources, incorporating only those that are required to cover the requirements defined according to the man hours hired.
  • The customer establishes the factory hours that will be consumed monthly by type of resource.
  • Vanja establishes the maximum load that can be met monthly according to the minimum number of hours requested.
  • The client defines the scope and requirements that must be met monthly.

Scheme that includes software factory and that maintains under scheme of assignment to key personnel, whose activities are:

  • Design and define the solution
  • Translate the solution into specific requirements to be assigned to the factory and estimate the workload required.
  • Establish and monitor a work plan aligned to the user’s need.
  • Assist in project support tasks such as meetings with users, production support, analysis of new opportunities, monitoring and / or assignment of tasks outside the factory.
  • Close ambiguities with the user