27 February, 2020



México has several universities educating talented IT Professionals, but job offers are mostly located in a few regions. Meanwhile, in the smaller cities even the most capable IT professionals have a hard time finding a job. This is where we come in… We pair up with local universities and work with them to find naturally gifted students to train . Our selection process is thorough and effective; we never go for a set quota, we seek always to recognize potential in the people we select. After the selection a program is setup to empower and capacitate the students: Along with the theoretical training program, they get to participate in real projects for real companies. Our consultants are not only very talented IT Professionals, they are also bilingual. Several of them are, actually, native English speakers. We pride ourselves on choosing only the ones with most potential to grow, and following & nurturing their development carefully . It might be of particular interest to you, that because of the region where most of them are at job -hopping is not an issue and therefore we can assure stability for your team. All of this while maintaining a very competitive price.