The IT industry in Mexico

Deficit of around 50,000 ICT engineers (only in México)

More than 96,000 engineers graduate yearly in México

High turnover and “thef” of talent

Concentration of the industry in 6 development hubs

Limited development opportunities for graduates located outside the development hubs.

Global market hungry for talent, it is estimated that by 2030 the IT specialists deficit in the US will be of almost one million positions.

“Gap” between the competences developed by universities and the needs of the industry.

Some of our customers

Who are we?

Punto Singular was founded in 2004; up until 2015 we dedicated ourselves to IT staffing and the development of customized projects with an operation strategy very similar to the rest of the small consulting firms in the country.

Development and administration of specialized work teams

As of 2016 we took a new brand name: Punto Singular, and we redefined ourselves as a technology company specialized in talent and people.

Our main commercial offer is staffing of exceptionally talented engineers located outside the traditional development hubs of the country. Our engineers work in high performance teams, using a Farmshore scheme, working remotely on projects with global customers.

The Old Way

Sales team looks for opportunities first.

HR hires in a hurry, to fill the positions needed.

Resources are expected to have the level of skills needed. No effort is made towards their growth.

Resources are used as long as needed.They are prone to be fired if considered “on the bench” for they become an expense that must be canceled out ASAP.

Sales team looks for a new opportunity, and the cycle begins

How We Work?

The whole team is open to opportunities; there’s no sales team. Our ecosystem organically provides new projects through word of mouth.

We look for gifted students or recent graduates.

We invest time, money and energy in their training on some of our identified technologies. An sometimes we look for potential partners willing to develop long term teams.

We are constantly look for new opportunities of growth for the team.

Problems that can be solved by our team are taken on as opportunities even if they require new training.